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Shrine Peace Memorial

On 12 June 1930, this Peace Memorial was presented to the people of Canada by Imperial Potentate Noble Leo V. Youngworth, on behalf of the 600,000 members of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine to commemorate the peaceful relationships existing for over a century between Canada and the United States. This gift was received by Illustrious Noble the Honourable George S. Henry; then both the Premier of Ontario and the Potentate of Rameses Shriners in Toronto; representing Her Majesty’s subjects in Canada. On 20 August 1958, the surrounding garden and fountain, created by the Toronto Parks Department, were official opened and the Memorial was re-dedicated to the cause of peace by Noble the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada, and future Potentate of Tunis Shriners in Ottawa.

Located in Exhibition Place, on Toronto’s lakeshore just west of downtown, the Shrine Peace Memorial faces southerly, toward the Niagara River and the United States. The statue was designed by noted sculptor, Noble Charles Keck of Kismet Shriners in Brooklyn (now New Hyde Park), New York; and depicts a winged angel holding aloft a laurel crown and standing upon a globe held aloft by female sphinxes. The inscription around the base reads “Peace be on you,” and its response, “On you be the peace,” the English translation of the Islamic greeting used by Shriners.

The Right Honourable Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, was not present at the 1930 dedication, but stated via radio: “I should like to add the thanks of the Canadian people as a whole for the inspiring monument which your Order has erected on the shores of Lake Erie and which you are now about to dedicate in the cause of peace. It is indeed a worthy addition to the art treasures of the province of which Toronto is the capital city. It will be cherished by Canada as a national possession and by our continent as an abiding symbol of international good will.”

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