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A Message from the President

Noble Miles Barler, 2016 President

Well, here we are; it's February and a new year and a new president for W.S.S.C. are now in place. Yep; it's me Miles, and both Nora and I are looking forward to a fabulous year for W.S.S.C., the Roaring ‘57', and the award-winning "Team ‘57" competition drivers. Nora and I started off the year with a fabulous opportunity. We were able to go to Pasadena, CA and spend three days helping to decorate the Rose Parade float for the Shriner's Hospitals for Children. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. We both have newfound respect and great admiration for the people who made every one of the 42 floats in the parade possible. Flowers from Thailand, Hawaii, Chile, Peru, and a dozen other places graced the floats. Two floats, Miracle- Gro® and the students of Cal Poly Tech University used materials which were 100% California grown. The students from Cal Poly were also the only group to design, fabricate, construct, and completely decorate their float by themselves. Their crew was made up of over 100 students from two different campuses. More about this fantastic experience later. As the Past President's Ball is tomorrow, we will be looking forward to seeing everyone. This is a wonderful event and it is a true honor to preside over the event this year as president. I will be pleased to present the "Man of the Year" trophy to our Baby Past President, Shawn Fizer. Shawn did a great job as president in 2015. I hope I can carry on the tradition established by Shawn and all those presidents who went before him and continue to help W.S.S.C. grow and prosper. Part of the effort to grow our membership will be directed at the spring and fall Shrine ceremonials where we will be giving "A Ticket to Ride" to each of the new nobles to take a spin in one of our ‘57s. I will also be calling each of those new nobles after the ceremony to invite them to join us for dinner at one of our monthly meetings. Parades will be starting in a couple of weeks, with the Forest Park parade. We are going to book as many parades as we can. The 4th of July weekend will be an exciting one; with the extra long weekend there will be plenty of opportunities to parade. We spent some serious cash getting the parade truck in good running order and the trailer is in for work now. We will be ready to go for a great parade season. The Frosty and Friends Parade in Westmont will be here before we know it. Speaking of fall, the award-winning "Team ‘57,” will be headed to Indianapolis in September to defend our 1st place performance. Anyone interested in joining us please let our team manager, Chuck "The Clutch" Graening, or myself know as soon as possible. I'm sure "Clutch" will want to start practice for a new routine soon. Medinah has already released hotel reservation information. Well, that's it for now. Looking forward to seeing all of you at as many of our events as you can make; the more the merrier.

Fraternally Yours,
President “Miles of Smiles” Barler


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