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Farewell From Pit Road

 David P. “Dave” Wray, Past President, Pit Crew Chief

   photo by “Big” George Cepek, WSSC’s Official Photographer

June 1 was the Harvard Milk Days parade. We had six cars there driven by: Rolla Sullens, Hank Schrader, Jack Stevenson, John Kirkman, Chuck Graening, and me. If you look at the pictures below you will see that one of the above drivers really had fun at Harvard!

A note sent to me on the Monday following the parade by Hank stated, “By the way, last weekend was one of the funnest parades.” Before I forget … a special thank you to Cal Tazelaar, who drove our escort car at Harvard. For Cal, Harvard it is a long, long drive. Frank Adler has one of the new car bodies in for paint. This will be the second car that Frank has done for the club. A big thank you to Frank and his crew at Chicago Collision.

June 15 we did both the Genoa and Libertyville parades. We did both even though it was threatening to rain. Dave Huffman did the Libertyville parade with Chuck Graening and Ray Bernard. I had John Kirkman, Rolla Sullens, Ed Kral, and Taco at Genoa.

June 22 was the Homer Glen parade. Paul Barber paraded with us and then invited us to his house for refreshments. On June 23, we were at Geneva for Swedish Days, a Medinah parade. This was Frank Adler's first parade. From the continuing smile on his face, I’m guessing he had a grand time.

Dan Slomiany worked over the weekend to put the ‘57 graphics on three more cars. Four cars with the new graphics were ready for Indianapolis. The rig left for Indianapolis and the Imperial parade on July 1 around noon.

“It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” - Winston S. Churchill.

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Dave Wray, Pit Crew Chief


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