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Zenobia Temple No. 8

Berwyn, Illinois

Zenobia Temple’s Past Queen, Cathleen Evans – wife of West Suburban Shriner, Troy Evans – wants all visitors to WestSuburbanShrineClub.org to know that the Daughters of the Nile are the only women’s organisation whose sole philanthropy is supporting the work of the Shriners, and all of their fundraising efforts directly impact the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

To that end, Zenobia Temple is offering these lovely “IF” pins for a mere $10 each. To order pins, or for additional information on Daughters of the Nile, please contact Cathy Evans, Past Queen, by clicking here.

The pins measure almost three centimetres (almost 1¼-inches) in height, and secured with a clutch-back. Each comes attached to a copy of the poem, If, on a firm card, suitable for framing.

Zenobia Temple hope you will enjoy wearing this pin. May you feel pride in doing so, and may you also know that they sincerely appreciate your support of their efforts to help G-d’s special children.

Please read this and other Shrine-related poems on our poetry page.


author unknown, courtesy of Zenobia Temple No. 8, Daughters of the Nile, Berwyn, Illinois

If we can make life brighter for one lonely crippled child,

If somehow these silver coins can render service mild;

If we can make “one step” a little closer to the child upon the bed,

Then our prayers have all been answered, no praises need be said.

If one child wouldn’t be as lonely as night befalls the air,

Because he knows that in the world that someone really cares;

If we can make life’s heavy burdens just a little lighter,

And the long hours of the day seem just a little brighter;

If just one step along life’s way we’d help a child to bear,

Or by giving of our time and love, show him that we care.

If just one tear be tuned away and a smile take its place,

Would be reward enough to see sunshine upon that face.

If just one leg we would help to mend and of a crutch be free,

If just one child could run again and no more crippled be;

Then we’ve found G-d’s meaning of the word called ‘Charity’,

For when we give ourselves away, we’ve found life’s mystery.

If we shall pass this way but once, let our message read,

‘They did not neglect the chance, to help a child in need.’

Zenobia Temple No. 8 meets the fourth Wednesday of each month (excluding December), at 8:00 p.m., at the Berwyn Masonic Temple, located at 6836 West Cermak Road, in Berwyn, Illinois.

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